A New Toothbrush, A New Page

So it has been a long while since I last posted, school and life have taken up the majority of my time so I have not been able to use this blog as much as I intended to.


I’ve been keeping on keeping on with the slow transition to more natural, eco-friendly products and lifestyle. It’s not easy to do when living in a dorm with five other people who don’t share the same zest for the green life as I do. I still prefer to use up the products I have and then replace with a natural (or mostly natural) alternative rather than wasting product and just buying something new when I do not need it.

This past weekend I decided that I needed to replace my toothbrush after a long while of using my regularly produced one. I went to my local natural goods store and found a toothbrush made by Preserve. The brush itself is made from recycled yogurt containers but the bristles are new (which I’m not sure we are advanced enough to get around nor would I want somebody’s used toothbrush bristles.) It’s BPA free and made in the USA! While digging through the Preserve website I learned that they actually have a recycling program for #5 plastics (this is what yogurt containers are made of), which is pretty neat.

I have also started tracking my use of plastic bottles and cups. Way back in November I posted about wanting to stop using plastic bottles, this still is true. I was actually doing a really great job not using any plastic water bottles and either carrying around a reusable bottle or a glass bottle from drinks that came in them. If I forgot my reusable water bottle and there was a drink available in a glass bottle I would buy that and reuse the glass bottle. I think between November and February I only used at most 10 plastic bottles, however, I wasn’t tracking it and therefore don’t know for sure.

This past month I started a page in my planner for tracking plastic bottle -and now plastic cup- usage. It appears I am slipping. I go to Starbucks more often recently and usually get a drink and I count their cups into my “Bottle Count.”New Doc 2017-04-13.jpg

As you can see, it’s only April 13th and I have already used four plastic bottles or cups. This is why I want to track my usage. This is a physical reminder of the amount of plastic I am using, While my school does recycle I cannot feel good about the amount of plastic I have already added to the pile with just bottles and cups alone.

Are glass bottles really a better option? For now, for me, yes they are. I need a new actual water bottle (not just an old glass one that used to hold Snapple or something) and that costs money. So, in the meantime, glass is my friend.

I hope the beginning of your spring season is going well, and if you celebrate either Passover or Easter that you have a nice holiday.



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