I broke down…

I broke my vow of now plastic bottles. I had to fly home for the holiday this past week and I forgot to bring a reusable water bottle to the airport. I tried to get a glass bottled drink but the place I was at just wasn’t serving me so I left and got a Vitamin Water. On the way home I got a regular water. Two plastic bottles in a week! I feel bad. So, it’s time to start again and renew my vow.

In other news, any tips on how to wrap gifts for Christmas in a more eco-friendly way? I saw a fun fabric wrapping method called ‘furoshiki’ that uses fabric and you tie and fold the fabric different ways. I want to do more research into it but I’m not sure it’s a great alternative yet for me, since I’m still living with my parents and siblings. We reuse all the bags and boxes every year but usually not the wrapping paper itself. I know there are eco-friendly wrapping papers but I don’t have the funds for it. Any tips?

I’ll figure it out! Maybe I’ll ask my family to save the newspaper and I’ll just use that.

Happy Thanksgiving (well late Thanksgiving)



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